Erectile Dysfunction | The Symptoms, Signs & Causes


Maintaining Penis Sensitivity After Vigorous Sexual Activity

Penis level of sensitivity is of the utmost value, specifically when a male is appreciating sex-related activity often. Avoiding penis chafing can aid preserve level of sensitivity.

Understanding Male Ejaculation and Penis Health

Male ejaculation is a common thing, and guys usually ask yourself if their production of have an orgasm depends on the same level. Just how much is typical and when should a guy stress over his penis health and wellness?

Penis Pain: Common Causes for a Sore Penis After Sex

No penis discomfort is excellent yet having a sore penis after sex can be among the worst as well as most frightening kinds to have. Allow’s speak regarding some non-STI relevant causes for an aching penis after sex.

Some Ways to Preserve Penis Health

Boy, listen up! Penis health is something you must be taking note of and creating healthy daily behaviors around. Right here are 5 methods you can improve penis health today!

Circumcision: How Does It Affect a Man’s Sex Life?

Over the last decade or so, circumcision has come under fire. Is it a hygienic method or a barbaric, out-of-date routine that hurts a man’s intimate life?

Men, Use a Spa Treatment to Help Penis Skin

Several males wish to have handsome penis skin to display prior to companions as well as possible companions. A medical spa treatment can help them accomplish that goal.

Stop Jock Itch Before It Happens

As any man knows that has actually been affected with jock itch, it can be a major discomfort in the butt. Finding ways to stop it before it takes place is for that reason a sensible technique.

Surgery Is an Option for a Bent Penis

When a male has a badly curved penis, it can be quite unpleasant and also can interfere with correct sexual functioning. For some men, surgical procedure might be a viable alternative.

Some Oral Sex Games for Couples

As magnificent as penetrative sex is, there is a good deal still to be said for scrumptious foreplay. And finding games that integrate foreplay is even better.

Can a Red Penis Be From Radiodermatitis?

In some cases a red penis is simply what a man wants – it means that blood has actually rushed right into his body organ, triggering it to swell and prepare for activity of the most satisfying sort. Other times, nonetheless, that red penis might seem so due to the fact that it is inflamed or because it has a red rashy appearance to it – which triggers a guy to want to his store of penis wellness understanding to try to identify what may be the reason. If he looks long enough, he may come across radiodermatitis as a possible cause.

Unfortunately, Diabetes May Cause Penis Rash

Diabetes is an extremely major health and wellness problem that can develop numerous concerns – consisting of in many cases a penis rash. Appropriate treatment of diabetes is necessary to healthiness.

Three Causes of Irritated Foreskin and How to Fix It

An aggravated foreskin can be extremely awkward for a man, but more so, it can be unsafe. Allow’s discuss three root causes of this foreskin issue as well as how to fix it.

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