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Masturbation Month: Handy Tips for Getting Handy

A lot of guys don’t require a justification to obtain useful with their penis, however for those who do: May is masturbation month! Take advantage of this to discover new masturbation areas.

Loss of Penis Sensation and Diet: A Connection?

Can a man’s diet plan in fact play some function in protecting his necessary penis feeling? Loss of penis sensation can substantially impede sex-related satisfaction as well as experience.

Does Asexuality Impact Penis Health?

Penis wellness is an issue for males regardless of what their orientation. However does asexuality have the potential to impact a person’s penis health and wellness in some way?

Protecting Penis Skin From the Signs of Aging

Penis skin is very fragile, and hence it is one of the starting points on the body that reveals signs of aging. The bright side is that there are ways to fight this undesirable adjustment.

Using an Ultrasound to Assess Penis Health

Preserving penis health needs a man to pay correct attention. In some cases a penis wellness issue may require the use of an ultrasound to recognize.

How to Naturally BOOST Testosterone Without Drugs or Danger

That else is searching for a secure, simple and 100% all-natural method to boost testosterone? If you are anything like the majority of our viewers, the fact is, over the age of 25 approximately.

An Itchy Penis After Sex: What to Do?

When a male has a scratchy penis after sex, he may promptly question whether he acquired an infection. But usually the issue is much simpler than that.

Does an Erect Penis Like Vitamin D?

When assessing penis health, one of the important things one searches for is a satisfyingly upright penis. A current study recommends vitamin D might play a duty in appropriate erectile function.

Healing the Sore Penis After Masturbation Marathons

When a guy involves in a masturbation marathon, he may experience from an aching penis consequently. Below’s what a guy requires to recognize about healing the aching penis.

Small Penis Facts: The Micropenis

Far way too many guys stress over whether they have a little penis, yet some males do indeed possess what could be legitimately called a micropenis. Nonetheless, also a micropenis still works correctly.

Penis Health 101: Spotting a Yeast Infection

Any type of male interested in great penis health need to likewise recognize the most typical indications of penis problems. One rather unusual trouble for guys may be the yeast infection.

Unusual Penis Rash From Erythema

Guys truly dislike obtaining a penis rash, as it can be not only awkward however additionally off-putting to potential sexual partners. Erythema multiforme is a skin disease which might end up being a penis rash.

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