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Some Less-Scary Causes of a Discolored Penis

Red, blue, as well as purple – oh my! When a guy sees a new tone on his mister, it can be frightening. Nonetheless, just take a breath as well as think about the 8 less-scary reasons for a tarnished penis.

Iron Deficiency Can Cause Itchy Penis

When a male has a scratchy penis, the possible reasons are various. One such reason, iron deficiency, often is due to an absence of iron-rich foods in the diet regimen.

The PSA Test: What Happens When a Test Is Wrong?

In 1987, the PSA examination to look for prostate cancer cells came to be part of the basic examinations for men. Since that time, it was ended that 75% of males with elevated PSA levels did not have prostate cancer. Discover the new protocols for a raised PSA reading as well as the 13 other reasons for and elevated PSA.

Procrasturbation: Masturbation As a Delay Tactic

Self pleasure is a regular as well as healthy task taken pleasure in by men everywhere. Procrasturbation involved masturbation but can ultimately bring about boosted stress and anxiety in the future.

Masturbation Myths Debunked

Whether it’s the hazard of hairy hands or the anxiety of health issue, numerous men question if masturbation myths hold true. Let’s debunk the four most usual self pleasure misconceptions.

Obesity and Sexual Health

Although we live in a society consumed with weight and also the weight problems epidemic, there is one adverse effects of excessive weight that is rarely reviewed: sex-related health and wellness. Let’s damage the silence on male obesity as it associates to sex-related health and wellness.

Erectile Dysfunction: What It Is and How Doctors Diagnose It

Ever wondered what’s thought about impotence and exactly how doctors can confirm that a male has it? Read for this really usual penis problem.

Got Penis Pain? Here’s a Guide for When to Call the Doc and When to Just DIY

The throb of penis pain should not be ignored, however is it serious? Utilize this guide to understand when to head to the doctor or when to conserve a co-pay and practice a little DIY.

Penis Protection and Oral Sex

Is there a man alive who does not liven up at the idea of a little oral sex? Still, while this is a preferred task, guys still require to consider penis defense when indulging.

Diet May Impact an Itchy Penis

When a guy is struck by an itchy penis in the middle of a “big minute,” it can be both awkward and terrible. Modifications in the diet regimen might assist with this typical problem.

Does Pornography Damage the Erect Penis?

With the wealth of pornography available online, some males worry over cases that checking out pornography can produce set up penis problems. A new research looks at this concern.

What to Look for in a Penis Health Cream

There’s a great deal of speak about penis wellness creams today, and the market is overwhelmed with them. In that spirit, let’s speak about the ten things guys need to search for in a penis health and wellness lotion to see to it they have a delighted, healthy penis.

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