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Loss of Sensation in the Penis: Medical and Non-Medical Factors

When a male experiences loss of feeling in his penis, it can lead a male to suffer a blow to his confidence, really feel frustrated, as well as can also result in clinical depression. This post covers a number of potential factors for penile experience loss and possible therapy choices to enhance sensation.

Bumps on the Penis: Can They Be Cured?

When a guy locates bumps on the penis, it can be a peril. Could it be an in-grown hair, or is something much more severe, like an STI? Keep reading to discover what triggered that bump as well as exactly how to get rid of it.

Five Sore Penis Causes and Ways to Prevent Them

An aching penis is a relatively typical sign and also generally not a big bargain. Here are a few sources of penis pain and exactly how to avoid it from taking place.

Seven Dry Penis Skin Hacks to Try

Dry penis skin can make an otherwise appealing male participant appearance flaky as well as unattractive. Understanding some hacks to fight this issue can be a lifesaver.

Insistently Erect Penis When Sick: Why Does This Happen?

When a guy is ill in bed with a chilly or high temperature, he typically locates that he has a very fired up, put up penis in bed with him. Several males feel specifically aroused when ill.

Small Penis Advantages: One Man’s View

It appears like many men discover a little penis to be a curse to be stayed clear of. But some guys with a tiny penis locate that it has unique advantages.

Boost Your Penis Function With These Targeted Exercises

Penis function is essential to a guy’s enjoyment of sexes. Frequently employing penis-specific workouts can aid maintain and even boost penis feature in a man.

Penis Size and Sexual Satisfaction: A Connection?

Also lots of men that sport a commendable endowment in the penis department occasionally fantasize concerning having a larger penis – despite the fact that penis dimension is far lesser in bed than penis health and one’s skill with the equipment. As well as guys do tend to associate penis size with sex-related satisfaction of a partner, specifically when they are influenced by the monster-sized endowments located in numerous pornographic videos. But does that organization in between penis size and also sex-related complete satisfaction extend to the proprietors of the penis themselves?

Erectile Function and Caffeine: Good or Bad for Bedroom Performance?

Over the years, research has uncovered a number of aspects that can impact erectile function, from diet to physical fitness degree to systemic health and wellness problems. Among these elements associates to high levels of caffeine consumption. So what is the link between your morning mug of joe and your erectile health?

Penis Health and Your Underwear: The Debate on Boxers Vs. Briefs

Undergarments selections are not almost making a personal style statement; they can have a considerable effect on penis health and wellness, and even on fertility, also. This short article checks out the research study into the essential dispute on fighters versus briefs.

Penis Itches: 6 Common Causes and How to Get Relief

When the penis itches, it can be humiliating, disruptive, as well as troublesome. To tame an itchy penis, a male requires to understand what began it in the very first location. Below are a few possible reasons a penis itches and how to remove the itch.

Discoloration on the Penis: Causes and Treatment Options

Discoloration on the penis can be a reason for anxiousness and issue. Nonetheless, lots of root causes of staining are not severe and also fade with time. Here are a few of the reasons that variants in coloring may happen, as well as tips for avoidance and also treatment.

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